In each section of your Conference or OnePage setup, there are different image size requirements and content so we thought that we can have a single list here for you to use.

Landing page

  • Hero image: 1440 X 480 - jpg or png

    The image is at the top of the event landing page.

  • Background image 1920X1080 - jpg or png

    If you want a full-screen image for the event landing page.

  • Social share image: 1200 x 630 - jpg or png

    When a user shares your event URL on social media you can have a custom image for the post.

  • Event Title

  • Event date and time

  • Up to 4 featured speakers and a short paragraph on the speakers

    • First/Last name, Position, Company, Avatar

  • Embedded video URL and a short paragraph on what guests will get from it

  • Promotional text: A paragraph or two about what your event is and what your guests will get from it.

  • Up to 4 calls to action: One sentence call to action or point of difference for your event

  • optional: Social metadata - for reference we recommend youโ€‹


  • Conference: Up to 4 cover images: 1170 x 250px png, svg or jpg file. Max size - 2 MB

  • Logo:
    -Conference: 600 X 600 - - jpg or png file. Max size - 2 MB

    -OnePage & Superlite: 320 X 110- jpg or png file. Max size - 2 MB


  • Photo or avatar: 200 x 200 jpg or png

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Company

  • Position

  • Bio

  • Email address

  • Social links

    • LinkedIn

    • Facebook

    • YouTube

    • Website

    • Phone (maximum 2)

    • Twitter

    • Line

    • WhatsApp


  • What is the presentation type for this session

    • Keynote, Panel et al

  • The title of the presentation

  • A short one-line subtitle

  • The "about " content explains in detail what the presentation is about.

  • Downloadable content for the guests,

    • These may be worksheets or copies of the slides being presented.

  • Who is presenting at this session and what is their presenter type

    • eg: Ben is Keynote, and Brian is a panel member.

  • What stage this presentation will be on

  • What day the presentation will be on

  • How long is the presentation due to run for

  • What number is this session in the day's order

  • What content is to show in the widget area next to the player

    • Slido - Need a event URL

    • Image - 415 X 800 jpg

Livestreaming and On-demand

  • Holding image for before the event: 1200 x 600 jpg

  • Holding image for after the event: 1200 x 600 jpg

  • Thumbnail for on-demand: 600 x 300 png or jpg


  • What category is the exhibitor in?

  • Cover photo: 1100 x 320px jpg or png file. Max size - 2 MB

  • Logo: Recommended 250 X 250px jpg or png

  • Exhibitor name

    • This shows under the logo.

  • About the exhibitor

    • About can be text and also include embedded images or video, this shows under the logo.

  • Exhibitor slogan

  • Links

    • Website

    • LinkedIn

    • Facebook

    • Instagram

    • YouTube

  • What category will this exhibitor be placed into

  • Is this exhibitor also a sponsor

    • If yes, what category will they be in

  • Text about their products and services with optional embedded videos

  • Up to three downloadable assets: png, jpg, pdf, doc or Docx

  • Up to six staff members

    • First and last name

    • company and position

    • Email address

    • Phone number

    • one-sentence bio

    • Social links

  • Business email

  • Email address of where to send leads collected in the contact form.

  • Website

  • Phone numbers (2 max)

  • Full business address

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