After accessing your event, your guests are presented with a lobby showing them the event navigation, a carousel of images, your event logo, title and a short description. They will also see the full schedule of the event.

Note that your guests can also contact Bettercast's support (through our live chat button at the bottom left of the lobby) if they have any issues or problems with the platform.

What you need to set up your lobby

  1. Up to 4 cover images: 1170 X 250 - jpg or png

  2. Logo: 600 X 600 - PNG with transparent background

  3. Description of your event (or any other message you'd want to pass across)

Creating you lobby

When you log into your new event, you come across an empty lobby, as shown below (always ensure the 'Editing Mode' is on when working on your event setup). All you need to do here is add your lobby cover (up to 4 of them), a short description of your event and your logo.

Here is an example of an end product

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