The guests can interact directly with exhibitors on the exhibitor page.

Exhibition hall

All exhibitors are visible on the exhibitor page, and show in the category order created in general settings.

What you need to create an exhibitor's page

  1. Cover photo: 1100 x 320 - jpg or png

  2. Logo: 250 x 250 - jpg or png

  3. Exhibitor name

    • This shows under the logo.

  4. About the Exhibitor

    • About can be text and also include embedded images or video. This shows under the logo.

  5. Exhibitor slogan

  6. Links

    • Website

    • LinkedIn

    • Facebook

    • Instagram

    • YouTube

      • Slogan and links show under the header image.

  7. What category will this Exhibitor be placed into

  8. Is this Exhibitor also a sponsor

    • If yes, what category will they be in

Virtual booth

The virtual booth is a group video call that an event attendee can enter when visiting an exhibitor page. An exhibitor can have this video call manned for the duration of an event and interact with guests as they come in and out of the page.

In the same way, an exhibitor can have staff waiting to talk in an exhibition hall, now sales staff can do the same and never leave the office.

About us

The about us page will show written content about the Exhibitor and be the default landing page for their micro-website in your event.

You can also embed a youtube or Vimeo video and have up to 3 downloadable files on the page.

Our team

The team section also displays the virtual business cards of all the staff attached to the Exhibitor on the page. It can contain an avatar, name, position, contact and social details, and a biography of that person.


This is the contact area for your exhibitors and includes their

  • Business email

  • Email address.

  • Website

  • Phone numbers

  • Full business address

  • and a contact form

How to create an exhibitor's page

1. With the Editing Mode on, click the Edit button next to your event's date

2. Skip to Features with the 'Save and Next' button.

3. Choose the Exhibitor Micro-sites and Save

4. The Exhibitors' page will appear on the left side of the lobby. Click on it to add the Exhibitor

5. Click the 'Add Exhibitor' button to continue

6. Fill in the Exhibitor's details as shown below and save

7. You can now upload a logo ( 250 X 250px JPG or PNG) and a cover image (1100 x 320px jpg or png), add more information about the Exhibitor and toggle on the virtual booth button if you will be allowing attendees to have virtual meetings with the Exhibitor's team

8. You will also need to add a team member (s) to represent the Exhibitor under 'Team' You can add their name, email address, headshot and their socials, as mentioned earlier.

9. For the Exhibitor's contact details, click 'Contact' and continue populating the details

10. To order, edit, or add different exhibitor categories, click the Edit button shown below

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