There are multiple ways your guests can access your event.

If your guests have attended an event on the Bettercast platform before, they can use their existing Username and Password on your event URL and then input the access code, purchase a ticket or get free access to your event.

Access codes

If you already have a CRM or website that takes registrations or payments, then Bettercast can provide you with a list of unique access codes that your team can distribute to the event guests as they register.

Attendees can not share access codes amounts to multiple registrations. The code for your event is linked to the user account and is not transferrable.

In your mailout, you can issue the codes to your guests with the instructions:

1. Please go to and create an account

2. Input your access code

3. Agree to the terms and conditions

4. Click access event

Bettercast ticketing

Bettercast can process most credit cards for ticketing options. You can limit the features accessible for each ticket type and allow one user to purchase multiple types or numbers of tickets for your event.

Bettercast will soon discontinue the payment collection for events and allow you to provide your own Stripe account details to take direct payments.

We currently do not support mixed ticket / free / coupon access options

Free access

If the event is open to the public, then Bettercast can support free access, where you will send guests to your customised landing page. They can register an account and then go straight into the event.

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