Bettercast's landing pages are made up of two columns and can be used on both desktop and mobile devices. The right column is the sticky registration, login and ticking form. The left column comprises blocks that can be selected in any order you would like. You can repeat the blocks if you want.

To make any edits to the landing page you must click into the editing mode.

You will then see the selection of widgets you can add to your landing page.


  • Hero image: 1440x480

  • Logo image square: 400 X 400

  • Logo image landscape: 600 X 200

We will place a dark overlay on the hero image with white text on the hero if you have added a Title and a slogan in the settings. Please be sure your image works in this format.

At the top of the page is the header or hero image.

Date and time

If your event spans multiple days or multiple time zones, Bettercast will format it left to right and stack as many days as your event will run for.

Attendees can select the add to calendar option where then can add a single day or add each day manually if they are only interested in one.

Featured Speakers

If you have special keynote speakers, this is a great way to ensure that they are known to be at the event. You can add any callouts or additional information to the top of each featured speaker block. The first 4 selected will show as featured and the rest will be in a dropdown.


To show the schedule on the page, just click the schedule button and it will insert.


The same with the schedule, just click the sponsor's button and select the sponsors you want to show on the page.

Text content

If you want to show textual content with limited formatting, then you can select a text block to show as much or little information as you require.

Add headings, bold titles and more in this content area.


If you have files that you want attendees to have before they get into the event you can upload up to 3 documents for them to access at any time from the landing page.

Click the documents button, and then upload your files.

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