To build the day's events, you create a presentation, link your presenters to the presentation, and add any additional content you want to show for each session.

Additional content can be downloads or what viewers will see in the widget area to the right of the video player.

To create a presentation, you need the following:

  • The title of the presentation

  • Some "about " content (which explains in detail what the presentation is about).

  • Downloadable content for the guests (if applicable)

    • This may be worksheets or copies of the slides being presented.

  • Who is presenting in this session, and what is their presenter type

    • e.g., Ben is 'Keynote', and Brian is a 'Panel' member.

  • What stage will this presentation be on

  • What day will the presentation be on

  • How long is the presentation due to run for.

  • What number is this session in the day's order

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to create a presentation

*Note that you must first create the days for your presentations to be on, so that is your first step.

**Note that you will also need to have created a stage if you are using the Conference Configuration

1. Log into your event and switch on the 'Editing Mode'

For the OnePage, click the Schedule drop-down to open the presentation area.

2. Click 'Add Presentation' to open the presentation form, where you can now fill in your details

3. Add presentation categories

This function is the same for Speaker and Presentation categories.

We have provided you with a list of default options, such as webinars, workshops, panels and more. We have also provided a list of default options for speakers as well.

If you have a requirement for a custom category, start typing in the search box, click the add new, and then add your category and select a colour from the options.

These colours are not editable and are selected for accessibility options.

5. Add your presentation

  • First, check that the Date and stage of your presentation are correct; in this case, we are adding a presentation to the 7th of March on the Main stage.

  • You must categorise your presentations, so if it's a Keynote, you would categorise it as a "Keynote" and so on.

  • Add the title of the presentation.

  • Add a short description of what the presentation will be about; this will show on the schedule card found at the top in OnePage and Conference configurations and on the lobby page in Conference.

  • Then add as much descriptive text about your presentation as you want.

  • On the right of the panel, you will then add the length of the session.

  • You can select what widget option you would like, such as Slido.

  • And upload any documentation you would like to be available for users to download for this presentation.

---Click 'Save and Add Next'

6. To move your presentation, edit or delete, use the icons below

When you click the 'Schedule' dropdown (in OnePage), your presentation should appear as below;

In Conference;

And below, under the player.

6. Add a speaker

After creating a presentation, you will need to add a speaker to it. Here, you must choose the speaker's category, add their first and last name and email address (if applicable), add a company or organisation and click the 'Save' button.

Once the Speaker profile is created, click the Edit icon to complete their profile. Here, you can add the speaker's job title, bio, phone number, and their social media accounts, such as LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Facebook, TikTok and more.

Below is how the profile will appear under the player

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