To manage your live-streamed events, you need to use the Live Stream Studio.

Before you go live, we have created some default image overlays that cover the video player on the front end of your event. This allows you to start streaming, test it and preview it for as long as you need before your event is live.

When you're ready to go live, enable the player, and you're ready to go.

Change the default overlay image on the player before you start streaming:

Go to 'Studio'. Click the Overlays button, which shows you the images you can select from.

As you can see here, overlay cover 1 is enabled, which is what your attendees will see.

You can click "edit" and then upload an image that is more suited to your event.

This image needs to be in 1200X600 jpg or png format.

This is what the viewers see:

To go live:

To get your RTMP keys, click "Get Keys," and then you will get the popup to get both of your channel keys.

Now you can start your encoder and test the streaming preview.

When you're ready to go live on stage, just click the enable player button, and it will then be live for viewers to watch.

When the event has ended, could you make sure to change back to your overlay images before you stop your streaming service locally.

You can also click the enabled button on the player, and it will switch back to the overlay image.

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