RTMP streaming is simply sharing content from your computer (entire screen, separate app or window, webcam signal, etc.) to the Stage or Sessions with the best video and audio quality possible.

Note: Streaming to Bettercast via RTMP requires a third-party application; we found OBS to be a popular option amongst streamers and is available for free here: https://obsproject.com/.

Getting your RTMP keys

  • Go to your event site and navigate to the stream admin of your selected stage.

  • Click EDIT on the Go live card for your stream

  • Select if you would like RTMP or RTMPS keys.

OBS only supports a single outbound stream

  • Copy your URL and the Stream key

  • Connecting with OBS

  • Open the Settings menu on the bottom right corner of the app

  • Choose the Stream tab on the left sidebar

  • Set the Service option to Custom

  • Paste the Server URL and the Stream Key (generates per event and is unique)

  • Click OK for changes to take effect

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