1. Log into your app.bettercast.io dashboard, locate your event and click 'GO TO EVENT.' Or you can just login into your event directly if you have created it already.

For OnePage;

2. Switch on the Editing Mode, and click the top left drop-down button to show the Menu and locate the landing page editor as shown below;

For Conference;

2. Switch on the Editing Mode, and scroll the content bar on the left side to locate the landing page editor

3. Click 'Editor' to open the setup dashboard.

Here, you will be able to do the following;

a) Select the page type you want

Click the settings icon at the top of the page next to 'Help' to choose the type of page you want

(I) The first layout displays a landing page image (also known as the Hero image), the date and time of your event and some text describing what your event is all about. The area on the right is where the attendees will enter their logging details.

(II) The second layout allows you to have just one image (a background image) with all the event's info and an area for the attendees to fill in their logging details.

b) Setting colours

Click on the settings icon to set your colours

You can set the colour you want- whatever matches your event- by clicking the Main and Secondary colour buttons. You will then need to enter your preferred colour code. You can preview how the colours you choose will appear on the landing page, like below.

4. Uploading the Hero image, adding landing page Text, Schedule, Speakers and Downloads

(I) The Hero image (landing page image) needs to be 1440 X 480 - jpg or png. All you need is to click on the Edit button and upload it.

(II) Landing page Text - this is a description of your event- what the attendees should expect. The TEXT button will help you do that.

(III) If you need to add some space between content, click SPACE.

(IV) You can showcase the schedule of your event (this is optional) on the landing page by clicking 'SCHEDULE.' Just so you know, this is only possible once you create your event's sessions.

(V) You can also include up to 4 Speakers on the landing page through the SPEAKERS button above (Also optional)

(VI) If you have some downloadable material, such as brochures and PowerPoint notes, you can add them (up to 3) through the DOWNLOAD button above.

NB: For Conference, you get an additional tab- SPONSORS to feature up to 4 sponsors on your landing page.

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