Every event has a fee calculated to cover the costs of video consumption. Rather than break it down to each of its functions (encoding, storage, and delivery), we have combined it into a single cost, which we call credit.

All subscribers will get an allocation of monthly credits that will be used to deliver the video. Then credits will either automatically renew (see auto-renew) or start using any free or purchased credits.

This ensures that the system will scale along with the event, no matter how many viewers attend.

1 Credit = 1 total hour of video consumption, including streaming and VOD.

eg: a 1-hour video with 1 viewer who watched 100% of the video would cost 1 credit.


a 1-hour video with 10 viewers who watched 100% of the video would cost 3 credits.

HOWEVER, research has shown that viewers will rarely watch 100% of the video, so its safe to anticipate 20% fewer viewer credits will be used.

Additionally, hybrid events rarely get full attendance, so again, it's safe to assume 20-40% fewer viewers.

In this case, a 1-hour video with 10 viewers would cost 6 credits, as they don't watch all the video and not everyone will show up.

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