To create a SuperLite event, you can go to your dashboard and select the events tab or the client event tab, depending on your needs.

Then click "create an event," select Superlite, and give the event a name. This is so you can quickly identify the event on your dashboard. Then click "Create".

You will see the event card in your drafts and click on "GO TO EVENT."

This will then take you to the event setup page, where, as an event admin, you can add the information you require.

  • Add the client logo

  • Add the URL for your Slido or any other widget the client wants

  • Give the session a name

  • Add some text for the client about the area.

    • This content area supports formatting, links and more.

Once this is set up, click on the event settings (this button is only enabled after you have activated your subscription)

Set the event time zone, date, and start time for your session.

You can set the custom URL for the event, and after publishing, you can send the client the URL for them to distribute as they like.

This event will only allow 15 min of stream testing until the day of the event, and then it can run for up to 24 hours.

Please get in touch with the team if you need more time for testing. This is to stop accidentally running a stream and incurring unnecessary costs.

After publishing, go to your stream studio, and you can get your stream keys, start the encoders running, and then set your stream live.

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